Joy of Teaching: Story of Bataan Learning Hub

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Finally, I was able to secure the business permit and BIR certificate of registration of our tutorial center in Bataan. Thank you Lord for this great blessing. I was waiting for this for a long time and now they are here.

I started Bataan Learning Hub (formely known as The Learning Hub) after I graduated from UP Diliman in 2014. It was my way of saving money in preparation for medical school. My family cannot afford to send me to medical school so I need to find a way to earn money to pay for my tuition fee. During that time I already passed the application to UP College of Medicine but I still didn't know then if I made it to the MD-PhD Molecular Medicine Program Scholarship. My mindset back then was I need to secure at least 30,000 pesos in order for me to make it through the first semester in medical school. After that, I said to myself "bahala na basta makapasok ako ng first sem". I was actually positive that there were lots of scholarship in UP College of Medicine just in case I don't get accepted in the MD-PhD scholarship. It was only around May 2014 that the result of my application in MD-PhD scholarship arrived. I passed the scholarship!

Before graduating in college, I worked as a student assistant in UP Technology Management Center and as a tutor in a tutorial center in Katipunan. I handled elementary, high school and college students back then. I only have 12 units during my last semester in UP Diliman so I was able to get a lot of part-time job and so I was able to save money until graduation. I used that money for the renovation of my bedroom in Bataan so it can look like a tutorial room. I bought tables and chair, airconditioner and materials for the tutorial.

I started with less than ten students. Some of them were my cousins and children of family friends. I used the social media to reach out to our neighborhood and let them know about the tutorial service that I offer. I also posted flyers around the town to get more students. During the first two months, April and May, I was the only tutor in the center. I can handle less than ten students because they have different time slots. Classes in kinder, elementary and high school in Bataan started around 2014 and I got more students. I think around 12 students during that time. All of them arrived after 4PM. I can no longer handle all of them so I asked help from my cadets (I was Core Commander of CAT when I was in high school) who are taking Secondary Education in Bataan Peninsula State University. I hired them as tutor in Bataan Learning Hub.

After four months of giving tutorial service, I had to leave for medical school. I can no longer be present in the tutorial center and personally teach the students. I sent out letters to the parents that I will no longer be present in the tutorial center but I have bright and reliable tutors that I trained for the past months. I was overjoyed about the responses of the parents because they still want to continue with the tutorial programs because it really helped their kids in their academic performance. Then I started medical school but I still closely monitor the tutorial center. I entrusted everything to my Nanay so she managed the tutorial center. 

Right now, we're about to celebrate our third anniversary. A lot of things happened during the past three years. The construction of another bigger room for the tutorial center was finished around 2015, we were able to buy new airconditioners, chairs and tables and computer set and printer for the center. We already have around 7 teachers in the center, some of them are already licensed teachers while some are student teachers. We have more or less 30 students enrolled in our center. We also have a mini-canteen in the center so the students no longer need to go out and buy merienda while attending tutorial classes. 

When I started the tutorial center my only goal was to earn money for medical school. But when I started teaching students and I saw that they are execelling in their academics, it changed my mindset and goals for the center. I wanted the center to continue in service because I want to help students excel in their academics. I want to bring out the best in our students. I always tell our teachers and students in Bataan Learning Hub this "I was trained in UP Diliman. In our school, the teachers do not spoonfeed the students. They just help us, teach us, direct us so that we will be heading the right path to success. That's what I want you to learn from our center". I always tell the students to not expect the teachers to do their assignment for them. The teachers are just here to help them and guide them and not to do things for them. I also want to help those parents who can no longer teach and help their children because of busy schedules. I want to help student teachers who are still in college. This is a great avenue for them to practice teaching and at the same time they earn money for their studies (hitting two birds in one stone).

I care a lot about our teachers in Bataan Learning Hub. I want them to benefit from their experience in Bataan Learning Hub. Whenever there are seminars in UP Diliman, I always send some of them to attend the seminars so they can learn from experts and professors in UP Diliman. I also encourage my teachers to pursue their dreams, get masters degree to further their knowledge and expertise. I hope all of the teachers who are and were part of the tutorial center felt that way.

You might wonder how much do I earn from this business. Not much. Why? Because we offer tutorial service at a very low price. Because my goal for the center is to help students, parents and teachers. We only charge 1500 pesos per month for kinder and elementray students and 2000 pesos for high school students. They can go to the center Mondays to Saturdays. We help them in their assignments, review for exams and quizzes and even projects. Our teachers are very patient and they really do their best in helping our students. We offer WiFi, computer and printing service for free. 

Pray with me as we are planning to construct another room for the students. I have plans of promoting the tutorial service to more schools in Dinalupihan and Hermosa, Bataan so we need more space for the students. I am enthusiastic for this year for Bataan Learning Hub. I have a lot of new ideas for services that we can offer. I also want to be more active in social media so I can better promote the tutorial in Bataan. I am praying for more opportunities to serve the people in our town through this learning center. Again, thank you Lord for this blessing.  Continue to guide me and Nanay in managing our small tutorial business.

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