Face the Book Project: Let's Build Mini Libraries for Ayta Kids

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Face the Book Project is an initiative to build mini-libraries for indigenous children. We want to give them hope by teaching them how to love reading. Our tag line is "Puno ng pag-asa ang batang mahilig magbasa" (a child who loves to read is full of hopes"). I believe that helping the child develop the habit of reading will encourage them to crave for more knowledge and information. It will teach them to improve their memory, analytical skills, focus and concentration which hopefully will help them to become future leaders and game changers in their community.

I started this project last December 2016 aiming to build mini libraries for Ayta kids in Bataan. Why Ayta and why in Bataan? This is because I am currently doing a research project documenting the medicinal plants and mushrooms of Ayta communities in Dinalupihan and Hermosa, Bataan. I have been working with them since 2015 and they really helped us with our research project. I realized that one way of giving back to the community is to build mini libraries for the Ayta kids. I have visited one of their classrooms and I noticed that they really lack books. This inspired me to start the "Face the Book Project". I love children's book especially those with Filipino authors. I have my own collection of Filipino children's book. This is another reason why I decided to start this project.

I named it "Face the Book", which is a modification of the social networking site "Facebook" just to make it a little bit catchy. I also named it as such because I want to emphasize the importance of reading books. Sometimes, we really need to go offline and read our books.

The project relies on donations from our friends, relatives, colleagues etc. It is my vision that in the future, the project will extend its help not just in Bataan but also in other provinces where indigenous communities are living. I am very much thankful to all of my friends, schoolmates,churchmates and all of the people who supported and continuously supporting our project. I was overwhelmed with all the support that I received from different people. Because of all your help, FTB was able to collect six boxes of books which the project will donate to Pastolan Elementary School in Tipo, Hermosa, Bataan. This is the first of many schools which will receive the mini library from FTB.

I cannot do this alone. In order for this project to continue, I need your help. The indigenous communities need your help. There are several ways to help in this project. You can donate share the project through word of mouth and social media so many people will know about our project. You can also donate books and art materials to be given to the kids. You can also donate money which the project will use for the expenses for the project like books, materials, food and transportation. You can also volunteer for the project. I need people to help me in sustaining and continuing this endeavor. If you want to help, you can register as a member of Face the Book Project thru this linnk http://bit.ly/2ieeBZ8 and together let us help build mini libraries for kids of indigenous communities.

There are many ways you can volunteer for this project. 
  1. During outreach programs, you can help in preparing the books for the mini-library, art materials for the kids and food. If you like preparing a budget, going to Divisoria to buy materials for the kids, this is the best volunteer opportunity for you.
  2. I need people to help in documenting our outreach programs. You can use your talent in photography in taking pictures of our events. You can also use your writing skills to write about our event so we can share it to our partners in this project.
  3. I am planning to conduct art workshops, storytelling sessions and public health talks for the kids and I will be needing facilitators to help us. 
  4. You can help us in creating posters and publicity materials for our outreach pograms. You can use your Photoshop skills in helping us spread the news about our project. Help us reach more partners in this project.

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  1. Hi Doktor Doktor lads. I'm Sugi from Japan. I reached your blog through the Facebook page of Lampara Books. I'm so interested in your project. I used to live in Philippines and now I try to set up the small library where anybody can reach the Picture books from abroad. For me I want to introduce more books from Phil. Sorry I'm so excited to know your project. If you don't mind, pls check my FB page for mini-library. Sorry for some artickles in Japanese. https://www.facebook.com/ehonatikoma/

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hello Sugi, thank you for reading my blog. Yes, I am setting up mini libraries in indigenous communities in the Philippines. I collect children's books from friends, families and different people to set up the library.

      I am also an avid fan of Filipino children's books and I have my own collection of Filipino children's books. I do book reviews of these books although some reviews are in Filipino. You can check my reviews here: http://www.drdrlads.com/search/label/Book%20Review


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