Why do you Lead Bible Studies?

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I started leading Bible studies (BS) when I was third year student in UP Diliman. I was then part of the UP Dormitories Christian Fellowship and I served as the Vice Chairperson for Prayer and Missions during that academic year. The first person that I led for BS was Hubert and we met until I graduated in college. The second one was Jules who was a freshman during my senior year. I did not have a hard time inviting him for BS because we were both from Bataan and we were staying in Yakal Dormitory. Before I started leading BS, I was hesitant because I don't think I am good enough for the task, insecure because I know I still fail in certain areas of my spiriual life and I doubted my capacity to answer questions from the people in my BS group. But then I was inspired and challenged by Kuya Caloy when he said that in order to lead a BS, you just need to be two steps ahead of the person you are leading. My BS leader Kuya Pau also reminded me that I can always say I don't know the answer and I will just get back to them for their questions. And I was also encouraged when I heard that "God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called".

I believe that I am not the only who struggled with these problems. I bet a lot of Christians out there also have these questions in mind and these are the major barriers that inhibit them from leading a Bible study. But the Lord has been very faithful to me. He taught me a lot of things while leading BS and I believe that it really helped me in my Christian journey. These are some of the lessons that I have learned from leading a Bible study group:

1. Commitment. I learned to commit time for preparation of the BS material and leading the BS group. I have to set a devoted time for this on top of my commitments in school and extracurricular activities. For me, it takes several days preparing and studying the Word of God before I can create a BS material. I could have spent this time, studying, sleeping or eating but I still devote this time for the Lord. I owe Him my life and my time, it is just proper to give time in studying His Word and teach it to other people.

Even though I'm busy with medical school, I still lead three BS groups. I have learned that if I give God my time, if I prioritize Him, He will give me the time I need for the things I need to do in school. This year, I did not accept several leadership positions so I can focus on my personal walk with Christ, leading BS groups and academics. John Busacker said "do less of all the periphery tasks or jobs in order to be more of who you are uniquely called to be". Along the way, I have learned to say "no" to some things so I can say "yes" to more important things. 

2. Accountability. As BS leader, I am accountable for the people that I am leading. It's very important that I also ask them about their spiritual walk and personal life. I make sure that I don't just text them or talk to them when we have Bible study. I text them from time to time, ask for prayer concerns and encourage them when we have a lot of exams. If they have problems, I listen to them and give them sound advices. BS group should be a place where people can share their victories and triumphs, problems and heartaches and an avenue for correcting, teaching and rebuking people out of love.

3. Spiritual Growth. When I study God's word in preparation for our BS, the message of the Lord ministers to me first. I am the first person to learn from the message that I am preparing. Leading a Bible study is actually a good way to be grounded and rooted to God's word because I am obliged to study God's word in preparation for the BS. It has become natural for me to study God's word and teach it to the people in my BS group. Leading a Bible study also helped me hone my skills not just in teaching God's word but also in counseling. 

The Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:2 "and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." This is a great reminder for me to continue leading Bible studies. I want to be used by the Lord in helping other people know Christ more and journey with them in this world. Hopefully in the future, they will be able to lead their own BS groups. I encourage you to also consider leading BS groups. Pray about it and ask the Lord if you are really called to lead people in studying God's word. But my discipler once said that not all of us are called to lead Bible studies, we have our own roles in God's kingdom. We have different ministries to be involved with. Some will be in evangelism, some in discipleship, others in prayer, singing and a lot more. But if God is calling you to lead BS, do not be afraid because He will equip and qualify you for this purpose. You just need to have a willing and teachable heart.


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