Frequently Asked Questions: Med Students' Edition

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1. Kamusta ka? (How are you?)

A lot of people always ask this question. Maybe they are aware that it is really difficult to study in medical school. Maybe they want to make sure I'm fine and that I'm still sane. Life in medical school is really challenging but I'm surviving. It takes diligence and patience to thrive in medical school. I'm thankful that I really love medicine and I believe this is where God wants me to be. 

You have to love medicine when you are in medical school, that's a prerequisite. If you don't really want to be a doctor, if you don't love the medical profession, if you're just obliged or forced by someone to pursue medicine, reflect and discern if you really want to push through medicine. It's hard to settle with something you don't really love. You have to realize that medicine will give you a lot of challenges, heartaches and difficulties. It's easier to bear the pain when you are doing it for something that you love. No matter how painful it is, you will stay because you have your heart on that thing. But it's really hard to endure the pain for something that you don't love?

2. Kelan ka ggraduate? (When will you graduate?)

Okay here's the thing. Before entering medical school, I finished a four-year BS Biology degree in UP Diliman. Undergraduate degree is a prerequisite in all medical school. Then another five years for the medicine proper after that physicial licensure exam. But my program is different from the regular MD track, mine is MD-PhD in Molecular Medicine. I have an additional three years of training to get my PhD degree. So I finished 4 years in college and another 8 years in medical school to get my MD/PhD degree. I will graduate in 2022. I'm already 28 by then!

3. Anong specialization mo? (What is your specialization?)

Okay here's the thing, after five years of medical school and after passing the physician licensure exam, one will become a general physician. We don't get our specialization after the five-year medical training. We still need to enter into residency program (minimum of three years and maximum of eight years) and fellowship program (minimum one year) before we become a specialist. I plan to specialize in medical oncology. 

4. Meron akong ganitong sakit, anong gamot iinumin ko? (I have this kind of disease, what medicine should I take?)

Okay. I am a medical student but I still have a long way to be a full-fledged doctor. I do not know everything in medicine. So forgive me if I cannot answer all your questions about medicine. Also, we cannot prescribe medicine because we still don't have a license.

5. Kelan ka magkakagirlfriend? (When will you have a girlfriend?)

Okay. I really want to be in a relationship but it's not my priority right now. I guess I need to focus on my studies. And I believe I'm not prepared to enter a romantic relationship. I still need to be the right guy for my girl. Well, Im praying for her since college! But I don't think it's the right time to make a move. There are a lot of things that I still need to learn and things to improve in myself. I'm not in a hurry. I just  want to let God write my love story. I'm sure it will be a great one!

Okay there are different stories of love in medical school, some are great, some are traggic. There are med students who found the love of their life in medical school, some students are already in a relationship before med school, some experience their first heartache in medical school and some students already lost their faith in love and chose to be alone.

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