Lessons from "Ang Lambing ni Lolo Ding"

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"Ang Lambing ni Lolo Ding" is a beautifully crafted children's book. It was written in a form of poetry which magnified the beauty of the story. It was written by Micahel M. Coroza and was illustrated by Marice Risulmi. I love the color and texture of the illustrations. They were very vibrant and it really captured the message of the story. This book was published by Adarna House.

The story was about a little boy narrating his experiences with his Lolo Ding. He shared his moments with Lolo Ding and the lessons that he learned from his Lolo. The main character has a very close relationship with his Lolo. Lolo Ding taught the main character a lot of lessons from praying after waking up in the morning, greeting his parents "good morning", eating the right kinds of food, gardening, doing household chores, having a good relationship with his playmates, being polite and being diligent in studies. 

There are few similarities with my Lolos and Lolo Ding. Lolo Ding has a vegetable garden. He loves planting and he taught the main character how to grow plants. I also love planting. During vacations, I plant different kinds of vegetables in our backyard. My two Lolos are both good in planting. I guess I got my love for plants from them. Lolo Ding always encourage the main character to study well. Tatang also encouraged me to do well in my studies when he was still alive. Every time we visit him, he always ask me about my studies and he was very proud of me whenever I share to him my accomplishments. 

One afternoon, the main character arrived home from school and he was not welcomed by Lolo Ding. Lolo Ding was not sitting in his rocking chair and he got no happy greetings from him. Lolo Ding was rushed to the hospital because of dizziness and difficulty in breathing. He was able to visit Lolo Ding in the hospital but later on Lolo Ding died. It was painful for him because he is very close to Lolo Ding. The good thing is even though Lolo Ding is no longer around, his lessons and teachings remained to the main character. He remembered all of the good things his Lolo taught him.

I guess my takeaway from this story is to appreciate our Lolos. Spend time with them, sit with them and have conversation with them, eat with them and enjoy every moment we spend with them. Because we will never know the time when God will take them back home. I remember that when Tatang died, I was not by his side. I haven't visited him for quite some time before he died because I was busy in school and I rarely go home to our province. I wish I can turn back time and spend more time with him. Spend time with your Lolo as long as he is still with you.

I believe that all of us will agree that we love our Lolos so much. Sometimes we are closer to our grandparents compared to our parents because they are less strict. I love my grandparents. This story reminded me of my two Lolos who were no longer with us today. My Lolo Marcing (we call him Dad) died of stroke when I was still in grade school. The best thing that I learned from him is cleanliness and hardwork. When he's still alive, he wakes up early in the morning to clean the surrounding of our house. My Lola always tell us that Dad was very hardworking when he was still young. He used to be a farmer and he managed to provide for his family. He was able to send his seven children to school and most of them finished college. My Lolo Jose (we call him Tatang) is a teacher. He died when I was about to enter UP College of Medicine. I remember that when I was little, he always encourage me to be a doctor. He always remind me to be diligent in my studies and always do my best in school. I love my Lolos and I thank God for all the moments I spent with them.

Get a copy of this book. Great story, great lessons and great illustrations! Thank you for reading.

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