Kanlungan: Seeking Refuge in God

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The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasing arms - Deuteronomy 33:27

I attended the Agape Opening Fellowship of UERM yesterday. I dont have classes yesterday and today so I was able to go to UERM together with Eric and Ervin. It was my first time going to UE and I must say they have good facilities, classrooms and auditorium. I saw a lot of familiar faces from the people in the fellowship, from schoolmates in IB Diliman, SVCF UP Manila and brothers and sisters from UP Agape whom I already met before. It' was also a blessing seeing a lot of medical students attend the fellowship for Jesus. The Lord is really faithful in bringing people to his ministry.

Anyway, I was blessed by the message of the speaker. It was about refuge. I love how he dissected the passage Isaiah 26:3-4. He shared to us five points: who, when, what, how and why do we seek refuge. What impacted me most was his stories about having quiet time with the Lord. There's this particular question which stuck my heart: "when was the last time you did a devotion before an exam?" Honestly, I don't remember doing a quiet time before the past three exams in medical school this year. I always pray before exam but I was not able to devote portion of my time in studying His Word before an exam. I was preoccupied by studying for my exam that I forgot to study His Word. I was rebuked and reminded to put God first and devote time for Him. After all, He's the One giving me my time, why can't I spare several minutes for Him?

This morning, I opened my Devotions Guide and I was surprised that the passage was 2 Chronicles 36:5-23. It was about King Mannaseh and how he disobeyed and ridiculed God. He worshipped other gods and idols and led his people away from the Lord. Because of his actions, the Lord brought them to the hands of Assyrians. Mannaseh sought God for help and refuge during his captivity in the hands of Assyrians. The Lord delivered Mannaseh. He experience the goodness and love of the Lord and he later on removed all the false gods and idols in their kingdom and He started worshipping the one true God. So basically, it's related to seeking refuge in the Lord. How timely!

In his darkest moment, King Mannaseh sought God for refuge. Familiar isn't it? When we no longer know what to do, when we don't have any options left, when we think our situation is beyond our human capacities and abilities, we run to God. Most of the time, running to the Lord is our last option. We always try to handle things on our own and onle when things are worse or worst do we run to the Lord for refuge and strength. The Lord is our refuge. He is our strong foundation and He is an immovable Rock. He does not change and He is true to His promises. He is the God who delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, the God who delivered Daniel from the lion, the God who saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the biery furnace and He is the same God today. He is the One faithful and trustworty God. If He was able to deliver these Bible characters before, why can't He help us?

It was important to note what the speaker in UERM Agape Fellowship emphasized: it does not mean that when we sought God for refuge, everything will be okay, that we will no longer have any problems and everything that we need to do, accomplish or study will just be a walk in the part. No! What God promised is that He will be with us to the very end of age. That He will give us joy despite suffering and hardships. Because our joy does not depend on our emotion or our circumstances, it comes from the source and giver of joy, Jesus. You have to realize that none of the disciples of Jesus experienced luxuries in life. They all died a horrible death. But what caused them to serve Jesus and tell His Good News to the ends of the Earth? Simple, it's because they are confident that when their lives here on Eart is finished, Jesus will be waiting at the other end of eternity saying to them, "Well done my good and faithful Servant". They are confident that Jesus will be there, welcoming them in the gates of Heaven. Last thought for this topic: Remember that when we accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, we received not only the gift of salvation but also the Cross. He commanded us to deny ourself, take up our cross and give our life to Jesus. 


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