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Lala Burara (Messy Lala) was written by Excel Dyquiangco and illustrated by Tintin Pantoja. It was published by OMF Literature Inc. for Hiyas. It was my second book from Mr. Excel. The first one was a picture book, I Don't Like To Eat ( read my book review about this book here).

I bought Lala Burara book during the Manila International Book Fair 2015 in SMX Convenion Center. I remember I bought all the new children's books from Hiyas that time. It was unfortunate that I was not able to have my copy of Lala Burara signed by Mr. Excel. I did not notice that he is also the author of this book. I was only able to have him sign my copy of I Don't Like To Eat. 

I like the vibrancy of the illustration for the front cover of the book. I like the colors used by Tintin. I also like the font used. Tintin Pantoja did a great job illustrating the story. The illustrations are very colorful. In fact, you can understand the story by just looking at the illustrations. The book is not text-heavy which is good because a lot of children like short-text stories. Children are intimidated with so much words, they end up not reading the book. I also like the topic of the story which is cleanliness and I think a lot of people are having struggles with being clean and organized. 

I can totally relate to Lala Burara. I used to be super clean and organized with my things. But I think I lost this trait when I entered UP Diliman. I do not have enough time to fix my things because of busy schedule, exams here and there, projects, readings and extracurricular activities. Especially now that I am in medical school, it's really hard to fix and organize my things. I do not have enough time to clean my room everyday (or should I say I don't prioritize cleaning my room because I prioritize studying my lessons). But I am trying my best to clean our condo whenever I have time. Sometimes it's hard to study when the environment is so dirty and disorganized. 

I also found similarity with the idea of monstrous thick vines which tried to hurt Lala and her mother and the 'junk food' monster which tried to hurt the boy in "I Don't Like To Eat". I think Mr. Excel put them there not to scare the kids who will read this book but to serve as a lesson to the kids not to do the bad things that the characters did in the story. You should but this book and read it with you kids so they can learn the importance of cleanliness and the perils of being dirty and messy.

Things To Learn From Lala Burara

1. Always clean your room. You do not have to wait for your trashes, clothes and other things to pile up and flood your room. Clean them right away. It's always great to stay in a clean and tidy room. Remember that cockroaches, flies and a lot insects and parasites love to stay in dirty and messy environment. You will be prone to a lot of diseases if you continue to live in a dirty room.

2. Respect and follow your mother. Mother knows best. Our parents want what's best for us. Let us always follow our parents when the instruct us to clean our room. I remember when I was a child, I always complain to my mother when she asks me to clean my closet, fix my bed or sweep and mop the floor. But now I am very thankful to her because I learned how to do that chores and these skills are very useful, especially now that I live away from them. At least I know how to clean and fix my room.

3. For parents, try not to be super nagger. Sometimes kids easily get irritated when you always shout at them. I think it's better to just encourage your kids to clean their room, talk to them about the diseases that they can get if they don't clean their room and I'm quite sure they will clean their room. 

4. For the parents, it's good for the children to be exposed to a little dirt. Let them play outside and experience the world. Do not lock them up in your house just because you don't want them to get dirty. We were taught in Immunology class about the "Hygiene Hypothesis". It's a school of thought that believes that children with lack of early childhood exposure to infectious agents, microorganisms and parasites are more susceptible to allergic diseases. Lack of exposure to microbes inhibit the establishment of functional immune system. Lack of exposure to microbial environment can perturb the immunoregulatory circuits that help our body fight inflammatory diseases. So the right 'dirt' is still helpful after all because it trains our immune system how to recognize disease-causing pathogens and fight off infection and inflammation.

5. Lastly, as what the author said about Lala Burara, this story is about changing for the better. It's about letting go of the bad habits that we have and embracing the good habits and right way of living. It's about character building. The mother of Lala Burara was not included in the story just to show that all mothers are naggers. The mother of Lala Burara served as an agent of change, a person who always reminds Lala to change for the better. After the incident with the thick vines, Lala learned her lessons and from then on Lala always helps her mother clean their house.

If Lala can do it, so can you! Start now by cleaning all the mess and dirt in your room! Go! 

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  1. I also support local authors! Yey! This one sounds like a nice read especially for kids.

    1. Thank you very much for reading. Yes, please get a copy for you kids. They'll enjoy it for sure. God bless you


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