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I went to UP Diliman today to receive my International Publication Award from the UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. I got this because I was able to publish my undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Sonia Jacinto in the International Journal of Biosciences and Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. After the awarding ceremony, I took some photos of the places around UP Diliman and I tried to summarize in this post some of my most memorable experiences from these places in UP Diliman.

This is the road in between the Faculty building of the College of Arts and Letters and the AS (Arts and Sciences) building. One of the most memorable things about this place is the food. I always buy doughnut, mais and taho from the vendors here. I also buy raw mango with spicy salt every after lunch when I was enrolled in Organic Chemistry class. This kept me awake for one and a half hours of discussion. I tried loving and appreciating Org Chem but it did not love me back. Sad but I survived Org Chem and got exempted form the Final Exam.

Freshie Walk
This is called the Freshie Walk. It is called such because a lot of freshman dormers from Kalayaan and Molave pass this road everyday to attend their GE classes in AS and CAL. This is also one of the favorite spots of several persons selling different products like ballpen or keychains for charity.

Academic Oval
 This is the academic oval. The total circumference is 2.2km. I will never forget this academic oval because I used to walk around this oval two times a week during my first semester in UP Diliman. I enrolled for Walking for Fitness class cause I am not athletic. This is the best place for jogging in UP Diliman. I really regret that I did not maximize the academic oval for jogging while I was still in UP Diliman. It's also a great place to just sit down and reflect about life!

Beta Walk

This is the shortcut from AS to Engg and vice versa. I utilized this road best during my third year in college. I have a PI100 class and after that I have to run to 5th floor of Engg for my ES10 class. This road is also notorious for a lot of teenagers dating and doing intimate things under the shade of innocent trees. This place is also memorable because of our Ecology class. We did a lot of field work in this area (spotted several nice birds in this area).

AS (Arts and Sciences) or Palma Hall
This is AS or Palma Hall, the main building of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. Freshies usually call this building Palma Hall while the upperclassmen class it AS. A lot of GE courses are being hold in this building. I have great memories in this building because I took a lot of good GE subjects in this building. Some of my most memorable GE subjects here are (1) Malikhaing Pagsulat 10 under Dr. Lilia F. Antonio (2) English 10 under Ms. Anna Micaela Chua (3) Filipino 40 under Bb. April Perez (4) Anthropology 10 under Prof. Rolando Esteban. I learned a lot from these subjects.

Tree Canopy in front of UP Main Library

I like birds. I like looking for bird in tree canopies. This is the place where I first saw a white-collared kingfisher. I also saw an egret around this area. There are a lot of olive-backed sunbirds singing at the top of the bamboo plant near this area every morning. I miss the flora and fauna of UP Diliman. We don't have this in UP Manila.

School of Statistics Building

This place is dear to my heart because this is where I attend church service. Diliman Campus Bible Church used to hold church service in the auditorium of Stat, now they are holding church service in Gusali 2 of College of Home Economics. I miss this place and my family in DCBC. I learned a lot about the Lord because of this church. I felt the love and care from my family here in DCBC. This is the first Christian church that I attended after I received Christ as my Lord and Savior. This is what I consider my home church. Even though I am now attending church service in Grace Bible Church, DCBC still has a special place in my heart. 

Ipil Dorm Garahe

This is the parking lot at the back of Ipil Dormitory. Ipil is a dormitory for graduate students of UP Diliman. This is where Ate Marge used to sell cheap food for the dormers from lunch until diner. The food is very delicious yet affordable. If I remember it right, I can buy a meal at 30 pesos from Ate Marge. 

Area 1
 This place is memorable because this is the way to Daddy Pao's place. Daddy Pao was my Bible study leader when I was a freshman in UP Diliman. He leads our batch (Mark Neil, Alex, Rabee, Mariel, Chloe, Charm) in Bible study. We learned a lot from Daddy Pao and Mommy Sa. They imparted a lot of great Christian values to us. They also gave us a lot of advices in academics and love life. Daddy Pao cooks really good food. Aside from spiritual feeding, we also always look forward to the physical feeding every Friday. Hahaha. I also frequently go to Kuya Pau's place which is very near Daddy Pao's house. Kuya Pao is my Bible study leader during my junior and senior year in college. Kuya Pau is one of my greatest influencers. I learned a lot from him and I think I acquired several traits from him especially when it comes to Bible study leading and preaching. 

UP Shopping Center

UP Shopping Center! This houses a lot of food stalls, printing shops, laboratory equipment shops, pharmacy and computer shops. Some of the most memorable food stalls here are Rodic's and Lola Lita's. I also frequently go to the computer shops here when I was still a freshman because I still have no laptop during that time. This is also the place where I printed my undergraduate thesis (congratulations) so this place reminds me of the victory of finishing my thesis! Thanks for reading!

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