Type Kita 3: Posters and Other Materials

3:50:00 AM

Gate Fee: 
Let's be one in sharing the love this holiday season! Let's join Type Kita: Pass on the Passion and give the kids of Project Pearls a more colorful Christmas! ‪#‎TypeKita3‬ ‪#‎PassOnThePassion‬ ‪#‎TypeKitaExhibit‬

Card and Notebook Drive:
Who wouldn't want a handmade gift done with creativity and innovativeness? 

For the upcoming #typekitaexhibit, there's going to be an area where guests can write wonderful Christmas cards and design blank notebooks!

These customized greeting cards, notebooks and journals will be part of our gift items for the kids of Project Pearls! Surely, the kids will be glad to see your hand-lettered and hand-written notes for the holidays! #TypeKita3 #PassOnThePassion

Here are the routes and guides you may use in order to be able to go to the exhibit. #TypeKita3 #PassOnThePassion #typekitaexhibit

Activities Poster:
As you all know, we are readying lots and lots of fun-filled activities for the next ‪#‎typekitaexhibit‬! We are very grateful to all our incredible and very talented artists who'll be sharing their time and knowledge in teaching our guests!

The capsule classes and demos are free but will be on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be sign-up sheets available during the event. So, don't forget to bring your tools and your enthusiasm too! ‪#‎TypeKita3‬ 

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