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Today was the first ever Bloggers' Conference organized by the Philippine Red Cross. The event was held in the newly renovated office of Philippine Red Cross at EDSA corner Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City. I was blessed to be part of this great event. I saw the invitation in a Facebook group of bloggers and I signed up for the event because it is related to healthcare. Basically the objective of the conference is to engage the bloggers in the dissemination of information regarding the services and activities of Philippine Red Cross. 

Chairman Gordon Discussing about the Volunteer Services of PRC

When I arrived at the conference, I was welcomed by the staff of Philippine Red Cross and I met several bloggers. I became friends wit several bloggers who attended the conference and the staff of Philippine Red Cross. Chariman Richard "Dick" Gordon was also with us in the event. He gave the talk regarding the Volunteer Services offered of the Philippine Red Cross. He shared with us the services delivered to the victims of typhoons and calamities. I was amazed by the dedication of Chairman Gordon. His passion and love for the people was so evident because of the outputs and achievement of the Philippine Red Cross. They were able to build a lot of houses for typhoon victims, they donated cash for livelihood programs, they give relief goods, healthcare assistance, they build schools and  lot more. Philippine Red Cross is sustained by donations from generous individuals and organizations. It survived because of volunteerism. And I would not be surprised that a lot of people were donating money and giving support to Philippine Red Cross because the benefactors know that their money was used to help calamity victims.

I learned a lot from the Bloggers' Conference. I realized how a medical student like me can help as a volunteer in the Philippine Red Cross. They gave so many reasons why people must volunteer. It is fun, it helps in developing your skills, you get to meet new friends and most specially you become a better person and you get satisfaction by helping a lot of people. If you are interested to be a volunteer, you can go directly to their headquarters at 37 Edsa Corner Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City or at any local Red Cross chapter nearest you. You can also inquire thru their website, call them at (+632) 790 23000 local 983 or send them an email at

I just want to share this with you. Ready-to-eat meal distributed by the Philippine Red Cross during calamities. This has different flavors like caldereta, menudo, mechado etc. During first few days after disasters and calamities, it is impractical to give uncooked rice, canned goods and noodles because the victims have no utensils for cooking. This is why Philippine Red Cross decided to give ready-to-eat meals so that the victims can eat meals even without casserole and gas strove. The staff of PRC said that the canned ready-to-eat meal is delicious and nutritious. Although Chairman Gordon requested to have a bigger serving. Hahahaha

Ready-To-Eat Meal from Philippine Red Cross

Aside from convenience, we also have to consider the nutrient contents of the relief goods. I guess this is better than canned good and noodles with very high sodium content and low essential nutrients. Canned goods and noodles are the default relief goods distributed during typhoons. But these foods are not nutritious. We cannot have good health without good nutrition. Here is the nutrient contents of the ready-to-eat meals.

Nutrient Information of Ready-To-Eat Meals from PRC

Here is my picture with Chairman Dick Gordon. I was so amazed by the passion of this person in helping our countrymen. I hope he gets elected back to the Senate. This person puts his money where his mouth is. He is a visionary, dedicated and compassionate. 

My only picture with Chairman Gordon. Forgive the quality of my phone camera

They toured us in their Operation Center. This was where they monitor and receive all the emergency calls from individuals nationwide. This office is dedicated to enhance PRC’s disaster management and response capability. I was very amazed with their database of volunteers, first aiders, doctors, evacuation sites, schools, universities and hospitals nationwide. They have a map showing the distribution of the important people to be contacted in case of typhoon or calamities. 

Philippine Red Cross Operations Center (OPCEN)

Philippine Red Cross Operations Center (OPCEN) Map Distribution of Volunteers and First Aiders with their Contact Details

Before the conference ended, Philippine Red Cross gave us all a first aid kit as a souvenir from the conference. Thank you Philippine Red Cross. This will be very useful to me since I am a medical student. The kit has a clean gauze, gauze bandage, cotton buds, band aids, scissors, tape, gloves, alcohol and betadine.

First Aid Kit from Philippine Red Cross

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