Pedia Ward Story Telling: Healing through Stories

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Healing through Stories

Disclaimer: The author was granted permission by the patient and family to post pictures and to share their story.

I am so glad because the Lord is using my love for children’s books for the advancement of His kingdom at the Philippine General Hospital. The primary reason why I bought children’s books was for our students at The Learning Hub. I was crafting a reading program for our kindergarten and elementary students, so I had to read all of the children’s books. I fell in love with the stories. From then on I started collecting Filipino children’s books and attended several gatherings related to children’s literature. I am thankful to the Lord for using this passion to reach out to the lost in UP-PGH.

Today the members of UP Agape read children’s stories and shared the Gospel to the pediatric patients of the Philippine General Hospital. This ministry of storytelling was initiated by the Evangelism and Service Committee of UP Agape. We all labored in prayer for this event, and, indeed, the Lord provided everything that we needed for this ministry: The Lord provided people from UP Agape for storytelling and Gospel sharing. The Lord provided good weather. The Lord also prepared the hearts of all the patients and their parents to hear the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. I was amazed because the patients and their parents were very receptive to the Gospel.

The theme verse for this event was Matthew 19:14, "But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.’” We all had a heart for the pedia patients. We wanted them to know Christ and to receive God’s gift of salvation. his was evident in UP Agape because of several evangelism events organized in the past for pedia patients. Last year we had a similar event where we also went to the pedia wards to share the Gospel and to read stories to the children. We also went to Bahay Aruga, a transient home for pediatric cancer patients, to share the Gospel to the kids and their parents. Honestly, we had a hard time creating a script for sharing the Gospel to the kids this time. I must admit that I was more comfortable sharing the Gospel to adults. There were certain concepts like death, heaven, hell, and salvation that were very difficult to explain to children. Praise God for Kia for creating the script we used in sharing the Gospel to kids.

Tito Dok Health Books Used in Pedia Ward Story Telling

For the storytelling, we used my collection of Tito Dok’s Health Series from OMF Literature’s Hiyas. These were children’s stories about health written by Dr. Luis Gatmaitan. After class, we all gathered at the PGH atrium and prayed for the storytelling and Gospel sharing. We divided into pairs and proceeded to Ward 9 and Ward 11. I went toward one of the patients in Ward 11and introduced myself. I told Mommy Jocelyn that I was a medical student from UPCM. She welcomed me and allowed me to read a story to Robelyn. Robelyn was a six-year-old patient with hydrocephalus and a brain tumor. She was actually in 2nd grade, and she told me that she could read in Filipino.

I used the book “Ang Unang Baboy sa Langit” by Rene Villanueva. I picked this book because of the great lessons in the story. (If you want to know more about this book, I wrote a book review on my blog. Please visit this link  if you want to read it.) I let her read the title of the book and she read it fluently. I asked her questions every time she would finish  reading one page. I did this to make the storytelling interactive. It also helped to keep her focused and to make sure I had her full attention, and shedid stay focused until I finished reading the story. Robelyn was an intelligent girl, and she had a sweet smile. Some of the lessons that she learned from the story included praying to God, washing her hands before eating, brushing teeth and taking a bath regularly, and a lot more. I was very happy because she remembered a lot of lessons from the story.

After the telling the story, I shared the Gospel to Robelyn. I modified the script made by Kia. I liked using magic tricks in evangelism, so I incorporated magic tricks using ropes in my Gospel sharing.  I used a classic magic trick where the rope would be cut into two pieces,then they would be reconnected. This trick can be used to illustrate our relationship with God: We were separated from God because of our sins, but God made a way in order to reestablish our relationship with Him through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection. We only need to confess our sins and to accept Christ as our Lord and Savior in order for us to receive the gift of eternal life with Jesus. Mommy Jocelyn also listened to the Gospel while I was sharing. I was teary-eyed when Robelyn said that she wanted Jesus to be her Lord and Savior and that she believed Jesus can heal her from her sickness. After sharing the Gospel, I asked Mommy Jocelyn if she had any prayer concerns. I also asked her to tell me more about Robelyn and their experiences from the time they first found out about Robelyn’s condition.

Mommy Jocelyn told me that they were originally from Bicol. Robelyn and her two siblings were all studying there but they moved to Cuyapo, Cabanatuan, which was her father’s province. One day Robelyn experienced severe headaches and blurring of her vision. They went to one of the hospitals in Cabanatuan to consult a doctor. The doctors did several tests on Robelyn. hey found out that Robelyn had a brain tumor. After three weeks of confinement in Cabanatuan, they were advised to transfer to PGH in order to remove the brain tumor and to treat her hydrocephalus.

Robelyn lost a lot of weight. She also lost her appetite after being confined in the hospital. Her vital signs  and she experienced difficulty in breathing. When they went to PGH, the doctors did a surgery to treat her hydrocephalus. Mommy Jocelyn said that Robelyn’s condition improved after the operation. She could now eat again, and she was so lively when I met her a while ago. But Robelyn still had to undergo another major operation. Supposedly, she was scheduled tonight for to have her brain tumor removed,but she was rescheduled for tomorrow. I forgot to ask why. Robelyn and her family had been staying in PGH for two weeks now. Her siblings were left in Cabanatuan with their grandmother.

Before I left Robelyn, I gave her a children’s book as a gift. I gave her a copy of “Aba, May Baby sa Loob ng Tiyan ni Mommy!” because she could read stories on her own.I promised to visit her after her operation. We had a deal: She agreed to read “Aba, May Baby sa Loob ng Tiyan ni Mommy!”  to me after her operation. I ended my visit in prayer. I tried my best not to cry, but I was teary-eyed again after praying for them. Mommy Jocelyn was in tears, too, after we prayed.

Please pray for Robelyn and her family. Please pray for a safe operation. May the Lord use and guide the surgeons who will perform the surgery. May the Lord provide healing to Robelyn.  May the Lord provide all the finances needed for her operation and her other hospital needs. May the Lord protect her siblings and their family in Cabanatuan. May the Lord give Mommy Jocelyn peace and remind her that God is sovereign and always in control. Please include Robelyn in your prayers. I hope to visit her before the weekend. I will be posting an update regarding Robelyn’s operation. If you want to help Mommy Jocelyn and Robelyn, you can send me a message to get their contact number. Any amount will be of great help to their family. Please pray for Robelyn. Your prayers will help them a lot. God bless you all.

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  1. The Lord has placed you where you can do all the things you are doing now. May He continue to hold your hand as you delight His sick little ones with stories after stories.

    1. Thank you Tita Grace Chong. I praise God for placing me in a very strategic place for Gospel sharing. All glory to Him.


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