Change Starts with U!: Art Therapy Program at Philippine General Hospital

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I learned about U! Happy Events through Facebook. I joined a Facebook group about volunteering works here in the Philippines. Members of the group post opportunities to volunteer and help in different programs. One of the members posted about the U! Happy Events. It was a non-government organization providing sustainable support and teaching values to marginalized children in the Philippines. I became interested with this organization because kids were very close to my heart. I love playing with them and teaching them. I also like reading stories to children.

Freebies from U! Happy Events
I sponsored two kids for the U! Happy Events’ Art Therapy Program at the Philippine General Hospital. The sponsorship fee for students was only 150 pesos. Included in this fee were U! Happy Events’ ID, baller and food for you and the kid. And you also get the opportunity to help and touch lives of pediatric patients in PGH.

The volunteers registering for the Art Therapy Program

I skipped one lecture class for the art therapy program. It was in conflict with our lecture in epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases. But I went back to the class right after the program. The program started a bit late, around 10:30AM, because we still waited for the kids. I guess we had a total of 15 kids with their parents who joined the program. All of them were post-surgery patients.

Our group during the art therapy program. We are distributing the art materials for puppet owl.

We were divided into groups. I was with Kuya Panya, also a volunteer and we were assigned to help four patients for the art therapy program. These were the patients in our group. I helped them make their own owls. One of the patients in our group had a surgery for her cleft lip. She was schedule soon for another surgery to correct her cleft palate.

Another patient had a surgery to remove a tissue mass on her nose. Another patient had surgery on his head. The other patient named Naul had paralysis on his right arm and left legs. According to Naul’s mother, the cause of the paralysis was still unknown to the doctors.

Naul creating his own paper owl

Kids from our group helping their parents do their paper owls.
We were taught how to make an owl. Since it’s Halloween season, the art teacher Ate Blanca decided to teach us how to make owls from colored papers. Owls are nocturnal meaning they are active during the night. I was so excited because I love birds. I super love birds. I was so happy after creating our owls. They were all beautiful. We were all very happy during and after the program. At least, with that simple act of doing an art, we were able to give smile and joy to the patients in PGH.
I was helping this little kid in making her puppet owl.

Art materials for creating paper owls.
This was the beautiful paper owl that we created. 
I was encouraged by the event. I was inspired by the passion of the volunteers who helped in the event. I was inspired by the dedication of the people from U! Happy Events to help people. They do not get profit from the events that they organized. But they continue helping people. And I know that it was because of the fulfillment that they get whenever the kids thank them. After the art therapy program in PGH, the kids hugged me and the parents thanked me for helping them. I felt so loved and blessed because I was able to bless other people. I praise God for this opportunity to show His love to the pedia patients in PGH.

Paper owls created by the kids

Before the program ended, U! Happy Events distributed Filipino children’s book from Adarna House. The kids were all so happy after receiving the books. Reading books is also another way of helping the patients recover from their surgery. It's a proven fact that reading can help reduce stress since it's very relaxing. The kids also received coloring books and materials from one of the volunteer, Ate Summer, who just celebrated her birthday.

Distribution of Filipino children's books to the patients.
Patients who participated in the Art Therapy Program received Children's Books!
After the program, I promised myself that I will support U! Happy Events in the future. As long as I have time, I will help them bring hope and joy to the kids. You can volunteer too! I promise you, you will not regret anything if you volunteer. You can visit their website ( for more information.

Kids with their paper owls.
If you want to see more kids smiling. Please volunteer for U! Happy Events in the future! Thank you.

The volunteers with the patients and their parents.

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