Book Review: Naaay! Taaay!

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Naaay! Taaay!
Story by Kristine Canon and Illustrations by Vanessa Tamayo

Front cover of Naaay! Taaay!

This book belongs to the first set of the children's book that I bought from the National Bookstore at Robinsons Manila. I haven't read this book before attending the seminar for writing stories for children organized by UP Creates. One of the speakers in the said event was Kristine Canon. So I brought this book during the seminar and asked Ms. Kristine to sign it for me. 

Front page of Naaay! Taaay! signed by Kristine Canon

Most of the stories written by Kristine Canon was actually her own experiences. This one was actually inspired by her experiences as a parent. Because kids are very adventurous. They want to explore and try a lot of things. And actually this book Naaay! Taaay! is about the experiences of kids. Kids in the story want to try a lot of things. They want to play outside, they want to eat candies, they want to play in the rain etc etc. And the parents in the story were kinda supportive and they let their kids experience those things. The kids in story got into a little trouble because of doing those things but they learned a lot from heir mistakes. The little boy got bruised because of playing in the swing, he got toothache because of eating a lot of candies. The little girl in the story played in the rain but she ended up having chills and she might have acquired coughs and colds. She played inside their house but she broke their vase while playing. Kids are kids. They are still young and curious about a lot of things. 

When I read this part of the story to ChaCha. She promised me she will start to eat vegetables. Because she does not eat any kind of vegetables. She is obese and she like junk food, soda, chocolates. She eats a lot. She's quite heavy for her age. Every time I see here, I always tell her to eat less so that she can lose some weight. Well our family is diabetic, I don't want her to develop diabetes at a very young age. Whenever she eats junk food, I always remind her that she can get sick because of eating a lot of junk food. But it's just too hard to stop her from eating. She has an amazing appetite for food. ChaCha also know the different colors. She identified all the colors of the fruits and vegetables surrounding the little girl below. When reading stories to children, you can also utilize the illustrations for teaching the kids about colors, shapes, letters and lines. 

I guess the lesson from this story is not just for the kids but also for the parents. A lot of parents are very protective with their kids. They don't want their kids to get hurt but sometimes being overprotective can also do harm with the kids. The kids might feel separated and isolated. They may also feel that they are not free to do a lot of things and sometimes this is where rebellion starts. Some kids feel that they are being controlled by their parents, they are prohibited to do a lot of things and they feel lonely because they cannot do what they want to do. Sometimes it is also good to let the kids experience life on their own. Sometimes we have to let them decide for themselves. They also need to learn how to be independent and how to stand on their feet. They may make mistakes but they will still learn a lot of things from their mistakes.

For the kids, you have to know your limits. There are certain things that you cannot do because you are still young. There are things that your parents will not allow you to do because they know that that thing will not bring any good to you. Mothers know best, they say. In our own language, we have a saying "Papunta ka palang, pauwi na ako". Basically it means that our parents have more experiences than us so they have an idea of what's going to happen if we choose to do certain things. We still need to respect our parents. They only want what's best for us.

I read this story to my four-year old cousin ChaCha. She is now in kindergarten. She still cannot read words so I just read the story to her. She is so attentive and she likes hearing stories. I was glad because after reading the story, she answered all of my questions correctly. She understood the lesson of the story. She realized the importance of taking care of our parents when they get old because they never get tired of caring and loving us. My cousing ChaCha said that she will take care of her Mommy and Daddy when hey get old.

One of the last questions of the kids to their parents was "Pwede po ba kayong mapagod sa pag-aruga?" ("Will you ever get tired of caring for us?"). Well absolutely no. I have to thank my parents, my nanay and my tatay for loving us unconditionally. I want to thank them because they never get tired of taking care of us. I love them so much. This book reminded me of all the love, care and efforts of my parents. I can't thank them enough. Words cannot articulate how thankful I am to them.

This book is a nice story for kids. It is easy to understand. Even my four-year old cousin easily understood the story. It is also full of lessons that are beneficial both for the parents and for the kids. Another good thing about this book is that it is not text heavy. The illustrations are great and it is easy to read. You can finish reading the story in less than 10 minutes. Get a copy of this book and read it to your kids. If they know already how to read, guide them while reading this book and reiterate to them the important points and lessons from this story.

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