Book Review: Marvino's League of Superheroes

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Marvino's League of Superheroes
Written by Rae Rival-Cosico and Illustrated by Jamie Bauza

 I bought this book from the Adarna House Booth during the Manila International Book Fair last Saturday, September 19, 2015. There are two reasons why I bought this book. First is because it won first palce for Short Story for Children in Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. Whoah! I'm 100% sure that this book is worth my money and time. And it never disappointed me. I loved the book from the front cover up to the back cover. Second reason is because it's about superheroes. I love superheroes especially X-Men. And the characters in the front cover of the book look like X-Men. They have eyes like Storm. Hahahaha.

The story started with the lead character Marvino passing by in Majayjay Toy Museum. He always wanted to visit the museum but he has no money for the museum fee. He is also hesitant to ask money from his parent because he knows that his parents have more important things to prioritize. I can relate to Marvino because I also love going to Museums. Although I havent visited a toy museum yet. 

He always peek through the windows of the museum to see the toys inside. Since he could not afford to enter the museum to see the toy supeheroes, he created his own superheroes. And not just an ordinary foreign superheroes, he relived the Philippine national heroes through his drawings. Amazing! He drew Emilio Jacinto, Apolinario Mabini, Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, Tandang Sora, Gabriela Silang and Gregoria De Jesus. I like his drawings and the super powers of our national heroes. 

Marvino met an old man in front of the museum and he saw that the old man was sketching. They became friends. Marvino shared his drawings of the Filipino national (super)heroes and the old man Emilio was amazed. At the end of the story, Marvino was able to go to the Majayjay Toy Museum because the admission was free. As he entered the museum he saw a familiar face at the stage and he saw the old man Emilio. He is the owner of the museum and he is a sculptor. He sculpted the drawings of Marvino and the sculptures were displayed in the toy museum. Marvino got a lifetime free admission at the toy museum.

So what are the things that I love in this book and why will I recommend it to the children?
1. It talks about our own national heroes. The very person who contributed and offered their lives for the freedom and independence of our country. All of the heroes included in this story labored, toiled and suffered in order for us to be free from bondage and slavery from foreign countries. They most deserve our fervent thanksgiving and gratitude. Books like this one honors our national heroes and make sure that their legacy will be remembered and will be known by future generations. It would be better if General Antonio Luna was included in this book. Hahaha. 

Side comment, if you haven't watched the movie "Heneral Luna", please do so. You will learn a lot about Luna's life and his contribution to the independence and freedom that we enjoy now.

2. It promotes nationalism and loving our own. Because we were colonized for more than 300 years, we have this "colonial mentality". We always think that the Western culture is better than our own. We think that everything made by Filipinos are corny. But this book tells us that we should love our own. In this case, our own "superheroes". We always deem and idolize foreign superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc. We know everything about them, we collect videos, posters and other paraphernalia about them. But we don't even know our own national heroes. We only encounter them during our Social Studies/Sibika at Kultura subjects way back in elementary. And we did not fully understood what they've done for the country. I hope all of us know our national heroes, because these people saved us. They did us a very great favor. I hope we can thank them by knowing what they did for us and sharing it to our sphere of influence especially children. I like the ending when Mr. Emilio made an exhibit of the Filipino national heroes because it became an avenue for children around Majayjay Toy Museum to know our national heroes.

3. This story talks about perseverance and creativity. Since Marvino has no means to enter the museum and see the toys inside, he made his own superheroes. Amazing, isnt it? I admire Marvino because of his creativity and how he transformed our national heroes to amazing superheroes. Im sure that if this story becomes a movie, it will be a big hit in the Philippines. Hahahaha. I also admire Marvino's teacher because she must be a good teacher in Sibika at Kultura. Marvino seems to be very knowledgeable about the Filipino national heroes. I hope every student will interested and will be enthusiastic in studying our national heroes.

That's all. I hope you enjoy this book review and I hope you can get a copy of this book. I insist that you buy this book. And have it read by you children or any child that you know. Kudos to the writer and illustrator of this book. I hope I can meet you in person soon.

Here's the Filipino national heroes drawn by Marvino and sculpted by Mr Emilio. They are all lovely! I hope there's a real Majayjay Museum.

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