A Visit at The Wander Space

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The Wander Space is a concept store and café that houses unique travel and art essentials, and makes a cozy nook for the wandering soul. It started last October 2016 in #80 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village East, Diliman Quezon City. 

Doktor Doktor Lads visited The Wander Space at Maginhawa

They sell food and products from different local brands. They rent their shelves to local merchants who want to sell their products for as low as 2000 pesos per month. All of the sales will go to the merchant/entrepreneur. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday 1PM to 10PM.

They also sell a lot of stickers, post cards, bookmarks and other art products from different local artists. They also have planners and notebooks. I love the concept of this store because it served as an avenue for local artists to promote their products and showcase their talent to a wider audience.

They also sell different kinds of accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets which are all made by Filipinos.

They also sell shirts, underwear, bikini, shorts, jackets which are all from local brands. They also sell different kinds of bags.

They have a place where you can sit on the floor with pillows. The place is very conducive for learning. It was neat, good air conditioning system and they play nice music. The place is also very artsy and perfect for selfies and barkada pictures.

They also have room and linen spray, essential oils, shampoo and soap which are all local brands. Try their bamboo linen spray when you visit their shop. It was very refreshing and relaxing.

This is the food section of the store. They sell different kinds of nuts, pastries and cookies and different types of coffee from the Philippines. They also use these products in the food and drinks that they serve in their cafe. Each product was from different local entrepreneur. 

If you are interested to know about the kind of food and drinks that they serve, you can take a look at these pictures. When you order a drink, it usually comes with cookies. They also serve fresh milk.

The food and drinks sold in their cafe were all Filipino products. The cookies that they sell were from a mother who has a baking business. Their coffees were from different parts of the Philippines. They have coffee, chocolate, cookies and pastries. 

Aside from selling local products and food, they also have weekly art workshops organized by artists, hobbyists and enthusiasts. When we visited their store yesterday, they just finished basic calligraphy and watercolor workshop. They said they had a lot of participants for the workshop.

The most interesting product in this store is the hand-crafted point and shoot camera from Paper Shoot. These are cameras made from papers with lens set and high-end accessories. It has a built-in memory card so you can view all the photos in your laptop or computer. The printed photos from this camera have a good quality especially for photos taken under natural lighting. 

Thanks to Inah Aquino for all the pictures. And to my MD-PhD family from UP College of Medicine for joining me in our food trip last night.

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