Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Plant on Your Desk

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I went to Divisoria yesterday to buy shirts and sando that I can use for Muay Thai classes. I went there with Inah since she needed to buy pencils for our org, UP Physician-Scientists' Association. I've been to Divisoria only once and that was few years ago. I was actually quite surprised that it's cleaner now. Before leaving Divisoria, I saw a stall selling cactus and succulents. I've always wanted to go to Dangwa to buy cactus and put it in my desk but I never had the chance to go there because of busy schedule. I've been seeing a lot of posts online that having plants in your office/house has a lot of health benefits. I bought one cactus for 50 pesos and put in on my desk. I hope it will not die especially now that it's rainy season.

Say hi to my new cactus! Her name is Sam. <3

I just want to share what I read online about the health benefits of having a plant in the office. 

  1. It can reduce stress. Several studies observed that having plants in your workplace can reduce tension, anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue. The effects are actually not just psychological but it also has physiological effects such as lowering of blood pressure.
  2. It encourages productivity, focus and concentration. 
  3. It makes the air you breathe cleaner. It can improve the air quality in your house/office because it can greatly reduce the carbon dioxide in the air. It can also reduce dust, bacteria and molds in the surrounding. 
  4. There are studies that it can also reduce ambient noise in the office/house by as much as five decibels. It is probably one of the reasons why people can concentrate and focus more when they have plants on their desk.
  5. Having plants on your desk make your room more comfortable. Plants can significantly increase the relative humidity to a certain percentage (30-60%) which is the recommended humidity range for human health and comfort.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy some plants, put them on your desk and reap great health benefits.

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