World Vision: Passing on the Baton

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I attended the Blogapalooza Bloggers' Conference yesterday at Prosperity Hall, The Elements at Centris in Quezon Avenue. I went there to meet fellow bloggers, learn from the talks and seminars and meet businesses and companies for possible collaboration. I arrived at the venue around 11AM and I started walking around the venue and talking to marketing staff of different companies. I left them my calling card so they can contact me for possible collaboration. There are lots of freebies and games for the bloggers. I also enjoyed the talks and I was able to meet several celebrities such as Christian Bautsta, Lloyd Cafe Cadena and Mikael Daez.

With Ate Mayee of World Vision

During the event, I passed by the booth of World Vision. I am quite familiar with the organization because I always see their advertisement on my blog page. I also know that they sponsor community and they help children go to school. Ate Mayee Cruz from the World Vision approached me and asked if she can talk to me for a minute. We had a great conversation. I was even happier when she said World Vision is a Christian organization and she's also a Christian. We talked a lot about ministry and she also discussed their sponsorship program for kids and asked me if I am interested to sponsor a child. I immediately said yes. She gave me the profile of the kids and allowed me to choose one kid to sponsor. I chose Jiremy, eight years old, grade three student from Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental (I don't even know where that place is!).

So why did I say yes? Why did I sponsor a child? Here are the three reasons that I can think of:

1. I love helping kids. They have a special place in my heart. Although I don't want to be a pediatrician, I have a soft spot for kids especially the pediatric cancer patients. I love talking to them, reading books to them  (whenever I have time, I go to Philippine General Hospital Pediatrics Ward to share stories to kids and pray for them) and doing magic tricks just to entertain them. I shared to Ate Mayee that I am already sponsoring a child in our province in Bataan. We have a ministry in our church (Jesus in His Presence Christian Ministry) in Bataan that sends children to school and at the same time ushering the child and their parents to faith. I also shared to her that I always join Gospel sharing and reading children's stories to our pediatric patients at the Philippine General Hospital.

2. I know how difficult it is to go to school without enough financial support. So I can relate to these kids who want to learn and study but their economic status does not allow them to go to school. I was able to finish college education in UP Diliman solely because of my scholarships from Department of Science and Technology, Angelo King Foundation Inc., Scholarship from the Office of Senator Vicente Sotto III and Ex Libris Philippines Scholarship. Without these blessings, I will never be able to study in UP Diliman. I also remember that there was a semester in UP Diliman that I am working as a student assistant and at the same time I am tutoring students from Ateneo and Miriam High School. It's really difficult to go to the university without enough money and so I want to help these kids to go to school.

Medical school was just a distant dream before. When I was still in UP Diliman, getting into the UP College of Medicine was my greatest dream. But the cost of medical education was the greatest inhibition and challenge during that time. The Lord blessed me with the MD-PhD Molecular Medicine Scholarship. DOST PCHRD pays for my tuition fee and gives me monthly stipend which is good enough to pay for my board and lodging, food and materials for school. With all of these blessings that I received from the Lord, I wanted to give back to Him. It has been a promise to the Lord that I will pass on the favors and blessings that I received from Him. And one way of giving back is to sponsor children so they can go to school, learn and in the future realize their dreams.

3. For only 20 pesos a day, I will be able to send a child to school. I give a monthly contribution of 500 pesos to our church ministry in Bataan and 600 pesos to World Vision. 500 pesos is just the cost of  three coffee/frappe in Starbucks, one or two meals in a restaurant or two haircuts in the salon. But imagine how far this 500 or 600 pesos can go? It can already send one child to school. It can already influence one life and make a difference in one family maybe even one community. I believe that poverty and lack of money should never be an issue in getting a quality education. Let us all be an instrument of help to these children who are passionate in studying but lack the financial means to go to school.

Remember that if you sponsor a child, you don't only give them financial support. You also give them hope and inspiration, hope that their future is going to be better because of education and inspiration to also help others when it is their time to pass on the deed to others. You can also send letters to the child, you can send them gifts during special occasions and you can even visit them. They will also write you letters and give you accomplishment report every year so you'll really get to know the child that you are sponsoring

If you have been blessed by the Lord, if you have the means to help, if you have more than enough, please do consider sponsoring a child through World Vision. It's kinda heartbreaking when I was looking at the profiles of the kids who still need sponsorship. I want to help all of them but absolutely I cannot do that. Maybe you can help all of them or at least one of them. I am still studying in medical school. I don't get a monthly salary. I only get a monthly stipend which is enough to sustain me in medical school. But I still want to help. I save money so that I can also help kids. So I challenge you to also do the same. Think of this as passing on the baton. Passing on the responsibility to you to also consider helping at least one child who is in need and passing on hope to the children who will benefit from this sponsorship.

If you want to know more about World Vision, you can visit their website here. Thank you very much for reading. God bless you.

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