Go Out of Your Comfort Zone - UP Agape MEGA Faith Week

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Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”. I was reminded of this verse from Joshua 1:9 during the MEGA Faith Week of UP Agape. I was reminded that God is calling me to go out of my comfort zone. He is calling me to do the unusual thing so that His Name will be proclaimed to the people around me. And yes, I heeded His call and submitted to His will for me during the MEGA Faith week because I know that He is with me wherever I go.

The MEGA Faith Week of UP Agape started with the Jericho Walk last March 28. We met at UPCM Student Lounge at around 5:30AM, we opened the day with a prayer and Kuya MJ gave us a short background about the Jericho Walk. We divided into groups for the prayer walk. One group walked around the buildings in UP College of Medicine while two groups walked around the Philippine General Hospital. We prayed for the school, the administrators, the professors, staff, students, classmates, friends, patients, doctors, nurses and everyone in UP Manila. We prayed that God will break down all the walls that inhibit the furtherance of His kingdom in UP Manila.

I was with Ate Aiah during the prayer walk. We went to the ward at the first floor of Philippine General Hospital. We went to the wards of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Department of Neurosciences, Depatment of Behavioral Medicine, Department of OB-GYN, Trauma Department and Department of Pediatrics. It was a great experience and privilege to be able to pray for all of the patients and healthcare professionals in Philippine General Hospital. 

UP Agape Members who joined the Hospital Blitz at Medicine Ward. (c) Ana Joy Padua

March 30, 2016. Last week, I joined the Philippines Beach Mission 2016 and shared the Gospel to the tourists and locals at Pundaquit Beach in Zambales. I praise God for another opportunity to share His Gospel, this time to the patients in PGH. I got a new Evan bracelet from the Beach Missions and I used it to share the Gospel to one patient. I know that these patients are in need of physical healing but deep in their hearts, I know that most of them need spiritual healing. I believe that the message that I am sharing is the one thing that they really need - the good news of Salvation.

Sharing the Gospel using Evangelism bracelet at IM Department, PGH.

Agape went to Ward 1 (Department of Medicine) and we shared the Gospel to the patients there. We also gave out Bibles to them. I was able to share the Gospel to one patient with cardiovascular problem. I praise God that I was able to minister to her and comfort her before her operation. I was also glad to be able to share to her how the Lord comforted me way back college when I experienced panic attacks, frequent palpitations and sudden rise of blood pressure. I told her that it was not easy and I questioned God why I needed to experience those things. But I also told her  how God used that challenge in my life to reveal to me how Hed is sovereign and always in control. I learned that during the times that I am most vulnerable, the Lord will always be my strength and my portion forever. I shared to her how I surrendered my life to the Lord and put my faith in Him. And the fact that the Lord loves me and holds my life at the palm of His hand, served as the greatest comfort to me during that time.

April 1, 2016. Culmination Fellowship for Agape MEGA Faith Week. I praise God for the Agapeeps from UPCM Class 2020 who organized and planned for the fellowship. Great thanks to Ate Tin for guiding us during the preparations for the fellowship. I also praise God for the opportunity to give the message during the fellowship. I talked about the proof of the resurrection of Jesus and its impact to our lives. I praise God for guiding me from the preparation to the actual delivery of his message.I also thank the Lord for Kuya Rain, who mentored me and guided me with my preparations for the message. I learned a lot of preaching lessons from him. I enjoyed the fellowship! I praise God for new faces who attended the fellowship. I hope they learned something from me and I hoped that they felt God's love and presence during their short stay with UP Agape. Thank you Jesus for all these experiences. We give back all the glory and praise to You.

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