Book Review: Alpabetong Filipino

8:52:00 PM

Cover Photo of Alpabetong Filipino

Alpabetong Filipino was written by the National Artist Virgilio Almario and was illustrated by Paul Eric Roca. This book is recommended for children ages three years old and above. It contains words starting with letters A to Z. It's a good material for teaching children how to read common Filipino words. It also has nice illustrations of the words which are very helpful in reading since children can associate the words they read with the actual picture of the words. Words included in this book range from very easy to difficult ones. 

I tried this book with my four-year old cousin and she was able to read most of the words from the book. She also enjoyed the illustrations. I think this is a great book for beginners in reading. It will really help them improve on their reading skills. You can buy this book from any leading bookstores nationwide.

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