Philippines Beach Mission 2016: Declaring God's Glory in Pundaquit, Zambales

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Official BM 2016 Team Photo at Pundaquit, Zambales (c) Ate Jaja

I praise God for the opportunity to once again join the Philippines Beach Mission. This ministry exists to bring honor and praise to the Lord by preaching God’s glorious global Gospel of great grace abounding; not only at the beach, but as a lifestyle for all genuine Christians. The battle cry of BM is "Let them give glory to the LORD, and declare his praise in the coastlands" - Isaiah 42:12. Every Holy Week, the Beach Mission Team goes to Pundaquit, Zambales to share the gospel to the locals and tourists. I first joined the Beach Mission last year and it was really spiritually refreshing. It was physically exhausting because we were sharing the Gospel under the heat of the sun. Most of the time we were out in the beach, basking in the sun and trying to make friends with tourists and locals. It was not my first time to join a mission trip. I attended two mission trips of UP Dormitories Christian Fellowship before when I was still in UP Diliman. But BM is a different experience. I still learned a lot from my experience from BM. From living simply, befriending strangers, sustaining conversations, and most especially to always trust the Lord in ministry.

I thought I will not be able to join BM this year because I had to finish my experiments in the laboratory until March 23. The deadline for the results of my research is fast approaching and there are still bulk of samples to process. I still need to study for an exam in OBGYN and there are bulk of paper works that I need to finish for our research grant. Then I had to stay in Manila the next day because I need to finish the graduation speech of my cousin. In short, joining BM this year is a far from reality. I went home to Bataan almost evening of March 24. I still wanted to go to BM or at least visit the team since Zambales is just one-hour ride from our house. I prayed to the Lord to allow me to go to Pundaquit if it is His will for me to join the BM. Praise God because one of my closest friends, Chloe, also signified that she wanted to visit the team at Pundaquit. We decided to join the last two days of BM. We arrived at the beach almost 10PM of March 25. We were introduced to the team upon arrival. They just finished giving their testimonies as to how the Lord worked in them and through them during the BM. We were blessed to see old faces but we were more blessed to see a lot of new faces in the team. Truly, the Lord raises workers for His harvest field.

BM 2016 Team Rest and Recreation at Anawangin, Zambales (c) Ate Jaja

March 26 was the last day of beach mission and it was actually devoted for rest and recreation. Praise God because we were still able to share the Gospel to the tourists and locals in Anawangin. Originally, we planned to share the Gospel in Capones Island. We were already in Capones Island but then the waves of the sea grew stronger and the team decided to transfer to Anawangin because it's safer there. I was able to share the Gospel to two locals, one Ayta selling souvenirs in the island and one boatman. Ate Janna helped me in sharing the Gospel while Chloe interceded for us in prayer and prayer for Kuya Jonathan after the Gospel sharing. I praise God for this opportunity to be used as vessel of His mercy and love. Kuya Jonathan, the Ayta vendor, is actually a Christian. He's attending a local Christian church in Castillejos, Zambales. He has a good understanding of the Gospel because he trained to be a pastor before but he did not continue. After praying for him, we challenged him to share the Gospel to his relatives in the mountains who haven't heard of the Gospel. We also challenged him to pray and be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit if God is calling him to serve as a pastor.

Me with Ate Janna and Kuya Jonathan. Kuya Jonathan gave us a flute keychain as a souvenir (c) Chloe

I praise God for allowing me to join this Beach Mission. Indeed, nothing is impossible in the Lord. He orchestrated everything so that I can join BM. I praise Him for new brothers and sisters who share the same faith and joy of proclaiming His word to the lost. I thank God for using me, despite my shortcomings, my flaws, despite being me, He still uses me for the furtherance of His kingdom. I praise the Lord for using such a broken vessel to deliver His wonderful message of salvation to the world. Thank you Abba! 

P.S. I hope to join BM 2017. LU IV in UP College of Medicine is infamous for being one of the most toxic years in Medicine. Folks call it Hell-U IV. But by God's grace, I hope I can still join BM next year. 

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