Book Review: Sinemadyika

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This book was written by Lauren Macaraeg and illustrated by Aldy Aguirre. I haven't met them in person. I am looking forward to meet them soon. This book won first prize in the Lampara Prize for Children's Literature in 2011. This book was published by Lampara Books. I highly recommend that you buy a copy of this book for your kids. There's a lot to learn from the story of Jeboy and Popoy.

What's magical about this story? Well there were lots of amazing things from this story.
First, the illustration was superb. I love Aldy's style because the story appeared magical. It was simple but magical. Here is a preview of the front cover of the book.

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Second, the story talked about an extraordinary friendship between Popoy and Direk Jeboy. Popoy was blind. But this did not hinder Jeboy from building good relationship with Popoy. They were very good friends and both of them likes to create movies.

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Third, this story showed the creativity and resourcefulness of the Jeboy and Popoy. They have wonderful imagination. I loved how Direk Jeboy and Popoy used simple household objects as props to their own movie. They used hair dryer to simulate the monster's breath of fire. They used sweet candy as the magical charm that gives superhuman powers to control the weather. They used pots and pans to produce loud sounds of thunder. They produced rain by using watering cans. They also used perfume to mimic the sweet fragrance of flowers. I also love their concept of movies because even the viewers can participate in the movie. It was very interactive.

Fourth, there's a story inside the story. Isnt that wonderful? Two stories in one book! The characters Direk Jeboy and Popoy produced a movie about a prince who needed to save his kingdom from a monster which sucked away the fragrance of the flowers in the kingdom and hid it in a bottle. You have to read the book to know how the prince saved the kingdom from the monster.

Lastly, this story is filled with lessons in life. This story teaches the reader about the importance of friendship. Physical inabilities should never be a hindrance to build a personal relationship with one person. It teachers the readers to be creative, imaginative and resourceful. I call the children of this generation as the "instant generation" because almost everything is readily available to them. They have instant messaging, instant noodles, instant coffee etc. Sometimes, this hinders the children to be more creative because everything is served to them in silver platter. (Ooops, I realized that I also belong to this generation. Hahahaha). This story also teaches the readers to always pursue and chase their dreams. No dream is too big for a dedicated and passionate dreamer. Take it from Popoy, who would have thought that a blind child like Popoy can become a director of his own movie? There will be challenges along the way but this should never stop a dreamer in achieving his/her dreams. And with the help of God, we can achieve our goals and dreams in life as long as it is in line with His will. God will surely grant the desires of our hearts. God bless you.

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