What is UP Agape to Me?

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What is Agape Christian Fellowship?
Agape is a family of medical students bonded together by a common passion of knowing, experiencing, and sharing God's love through His Son Jesus Christ, the Great Physician. Agape aims to provide opportunities for medical students to learn more about God and enjoy His Word, the Bible. Agape exists to love god and to make His love well known.

Logo of UP Agape Christian Fellowship

What is Agape to ME?
Agape is my family. We call ourselves Agapeeps. The girls like to call themselves "Agateh" and the boys "Agapreh". Agape is a home away from home. I am very thankful to God for bringing me into this fellowship of believers. I gained a lot of new friends, ates and kuyas who help and guide in my academic life and my spiritual life. I am blessed because I have persons to go to everytime I need help, be it academics, personal life, spiritual challenges or love life (actually I don't have love life, lab life!). I am blessed to see how the Lord is moving in the lives of Agapeeps and how God is using each one of us in furthering His kingdom in UP College of Medicine.

One experience with Agape that I will never forget is when I was rushed to the ER because I experienced headache and difficulty in breathing. That was the time when my blood pressure spiked up. It was almost midnight. I was blessed because some of my Agape family went to the Ambulatory Care Unit of PGH to see me and pray for me. Some of them stayed until my blood pressure went to normal and I was advised to go back to my condo to rest. I felt the love and care of my UP Agape Family during that time. Thank you for your prayers.

Agapeeps always say "we are Christians who happen to be medical students". We are Christians before we become medical students. So we must always glorify God in medical school. I always tell myself that I should be a good testimony to my classmates. And I always ask myself if I still serve as salt and light to my batchmates. I always ask myself, "if one of my classmates never knew  Christ and never read a Bible before, am I being an open Bible to them?" I always remind myself that my life testimony is an open evangelism to the people around me. 

I praise God for keeping me and sustaining me in medical school. The past two months in medical school is really a roller coaster ride. The experience is different from graduate school. There are multitudes of information to digest. Actually I cannot fully digest everything. There are things that I never understand but I have to accept it and memorize it in order to pass the exam. So what happens is that I swallow all of the information before the exam and vomit them after the exam. I want to learn and appreciate everything in medical school but it seems that that is quite impossible. For now. But I praise God for His grace. It is really only by His grace that I am still surviving medical school. I praise Him for the wisdom and diligence He is giving me. There are more challenges to come in medical school. This is just the start. But I am rest assured that Jesus got my back. And that is very comforting! How did I say so? Well, the God of universe, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, who hold everything at the palm of His hand, He got my back. He is my Father and friend. I have nothing to worry. I praise God for He is an ever-present help. I hope and pray that I always long to glorify Him and make His love well known to my classmates.

What do we do in Agape?

Big Fellowship of UP Agape. This was during Forevermore: Inseparable Fellowship.

We have fellowships in Agape. This is our time to know God and to know one another. This is our time to worship God as a fellowship. We hold it once a month. This is open to everyone who wants to know God more. After all, it is not by our religion that we will be saved. It is only through our relationship with Jesus Christ can we be all saved.

I think this is our first meeting as a small group. From left to right (Kuya MJ, Kuya Aaron, Me, Eric). Kuya Aaron was our SG leader

We also have small group/Bible studies. Small group is time to bond with one another, time to encourage each one especially during toxic times. It is a time t study God's word, know Him more and it is a time to equip new leaders in ministry. I met wonderful persons in my small groups. I am thankful to God to my discipler and brothers in small group for journeying with me in medical school. It is comforting to know that you always have someone to turn to in times of problems, you have persons to rejoice with in times of victory and there are people who always pray for you. 

We also conduct different training/workshops for members of UP Agape. We hold evangelism and discipleship workshop. This workshops trains Agapeeps to practice a lifestyle of evangelism. This is also an opportunity to learn the basics of handling small groups. UP Agape also participates in the events and activities of Agape NCR which is the larger community of medical students in different medical schools in NCR. 

UP Agape visits Bahay Aruga, a transient home for pediatric cancer patients of PGH. We shared the Gospel to the kids and their parents.

Hospital Blits at PGH Cancer Institute. We went to CI patients to share the Gospel and pray for them.

We have hospital service and Gospel sharing. We go to different wards in Philippines General Hospital to share the Gospel and pray for the patients. We also distribute Bibles to the patients and their relatives so they can know God more. We have story telling to Pediatrics patients. Kids love listening to stories and this is also an avenue for us to share Christian values to these kids. This is a very rewarding experience. I know that as future medical doctors, we have to cure the physical illness. Yes that's true but what is more important than the physical is the spiritual life. We want these people to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We want them to experience God's love and salvation. We want to tell them that God is alive and God is with them. We want to bring hope to these patients. 

OS 203 Review for LUIII Students. Thanks to Dr. Joseph Chua and Dr. JC Tayag for heading the review.

We also conduct reviews for LUIII students. Last month we conducted OS203 (Musculoskeletal System) Review. Thanks to our alumni who helped us to review for our Upper Ex Exam.

UP Agape members who joined the OJ in Palawan last June 2015

Our ministry is not just limited to the four corners of UP College of Medicine. Agape goes beyond the campus and serve communities through medical mission. Last summer vacation UP Agape went to Palawan for a mission trip. They went there to bring physical and spiritual healing to the people int that community.

Why are we doing all of these? Because Christ commanded us to go to all nations to share His Gospel. The greatest thing that happened to my life was when I knew Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. And that's the main reason why we do all of these, because we want other people to enjoy the fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Why do we share the Gospel in medical school? Because the hospital is a very strategic place to share the Gospel. There are more people entering the doors of the hospital than the doors of the church. Imagine if you share the gospel to one medical student and that student accepted Christ as His Lord and Savior, that student will later on become a doctor and can share the Gospel to His patients and colleagues in the hospital.

Labor with Us in Prayer
Please pray for us. Labor with us in prayer. That God will be glorified in UP College of Medicine. That no medical student will leave the college without even hearing the Gospel of Christ's salvation. That we will continue to be salt and light and Christ's ambassador in UPCM. That we will continue to focus our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. May the Lord bless UP Agape. This is God's ministry, He started it, He will bring it to completion. I am just excited for everything God has in store for UP Agape this year.

Join Us in UP Agape
You can approach us if you have the desire to know Jesus more. We will very happy to journey with you in medical school. God bless you. Thank you for reading this blog post. You can check the Facebook Page of UP Agape for more information.

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