Not a frozen generation! Still the chosen generation!

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Heartbeat for Christ Luzon 2015 Response and Challenge

Dr. Ato Carasig who is a Christian toxicologist gave the final message and challenge to all the medical students who attended the Heartbeat for Christ Luzon 2015 at PCCC, Scout Borromeo, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. This was after the Hospital Blitz at Philippine Children's Medical Center. We shared the Gospel to the pediatric patients at the Hematology-Oncology ward and Neurology Ward.

He started with stating statistics. There are 7 billion people living in the world. 2.2 billion people are Christians. 1.9 billion people are Muslims. Christianity is the slowest growing religion in the world whereas Muslim is the fastest growing religion in the world. There are about 100 million Filipinos in the world. 18 - 20 million are Bible-believing Christians. 95% of Christians have never won a soul for Christ. 80% of Christians do not consistently witness for Christ. Only 20% finance the ministry of the Gospel. Only 2% of Christians are involved in ministry of evangelism. The statistics was very alarming. We weren't doing what we're supposed to be doing. We are missing an important command Christ Jesus gave us - - Preaching the Gospel.

Dr. Ato gave us three reasons why we need to follow the Great Commission.
1. These are the last words of Jesus Christ before He ascended to Heaven. Last words are very important. In Filipino culture, the last words of a dying person are very important. These commands are to be followed by the family members.
2. Jesus explained in the Great Commission how we must spend our lives while waiting for His second coming. We must spend our lives in proclaiming God's kingdom and making Him well known through all nations.
3. The Great Commission applies to all people. It has to be preached to all people.

The Great Commission is a great mandate, a great claim and a great promise from God.  Filipino Christians are having a hard time in following this Great Commission from Jesus Christ. Why?
1. The Filipinos are temperamentally reserved. We do not want other people to impose things on us and we also do not want to impose things on other people. In our language, "walang pakialamanan".
2. We are socially restrained. We do not want to show our emotions to other people. We are not demonstrative. Sometimes we are shy to exercise our faith because we are afraid of being judged by our friends and the people around us.
3. We are theologically grounded that we are all predestined. There's a danger here because sometimes we use this as an excuse not to share the Gospel. We have this mentality that "Why will I share the Gospel? All people are presedestined. Whether I share the Gospel or not, if they are predestined to go to heaven, they will go to heaven. If not, they will go to hell".

But we must not use these as excuses. The Great Commission is a commission. What do we mean by this It is an authoritative command. Jesus gave us a marching order through the Great Commission.

Recent survey revealed that 2 billion people are still unreached by the Gospel. The challenge is that the other 5 billion people who have heard of the Gospel are living with these unreached people group. And majority of these 5 billion people are not doing anything to share the Gospel to the unreached 2 billion people.

God mandated us to go to the ends of the earth. But it seems that we even fail in just going to the ends of the street. We are the the chosen generation, before. But now it seems that we are becoming a frozen generation. We are not doing enough in order for the Gospel to be shared. 

Dr. Ato also gave us five reasons why we need to follow the Great Commission.
1. We have a divine mandate. We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The Bible does not say that we should be the salt and light of world. We do not have a choice. As a Christians, we must become a salt and light in this dark and fallen world.
2. Preach the Gospel because it is a divine message. The message of the Gospel is Jesus Christ. The Gospel gives hope to those who are hurting, life to the hopeless and comfort and peace to those who are tormented.
3. We have a divine mission to share the Gospel.
4. We have our Divine Mentor - - Jesus Christ. If we want to be skillful in sharing the Gospel, we can always go to Christ who will enable us to share the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.
5. We have a great promise. Christ promised that He will be with us to the very end of age. Jesus is aware that the apostles during the time that He is about to leave Earth, are all afraid to share the Gospel. But Christ gave the apostles the Holy Spirit to be their wonderful counselor.

Dr. Ato also shared that only 120 believers started sharing the Gospel in the Book of Acts. And these 120 believers turned the world upside down. They started the ministry of sharing the Gospel and following Christ's Great Commandment.

Finally Dr. Ato shared to us that the Philippines used to be number three in the fastest growing Christian nation and people who are most receptive to the Gospel. We used to be at the top during 1980s when a lot of mega churches were established. But now, Dr. Ato said he cannot even find Philippine at the Top 100. This broke my heart and challenged me to be more serious in my faith and in sharing the Gospel to my family and friends. As of the time of writing, Nepal is the fastest growing Christian country followed by China. 

Fellow Christians, let us not be complacent. Let us always be reminded of the urgency of sharing the Gospel to our families and friends. Let us altogether saturate the heavens with prayers. Let us pray that God will ignite the fire within us and cause us to follow His Greatest Commandment which is to share the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. We are not a frozen generation! We are still the chosen generation!

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