Book Review: The Idea Jungle by Pam Marie Ang

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I like the design of the book cover. Affirm to the illustrator for this great work! It's so colorful and vibrant. I easily noticed the book when I arrived at the Adarna booth in the Manila International Book Fair. Aside from the fact that the cover is colorful, the size of the book is also a bit larger than the usual children's books of Adarna.

I was blessed because during the time that I went to Adarna booth to buy this book, the author Pam Marie Ang was also at the booth so I got my copy of the book signed by the author herself. I was also able to take a selfie with her. This is her first children's book so I feel blessed to have her sign my copy of her book and have a selfie with her.

After hours of going around and buying books from different booths in the Manila International Book Fair, I went home to my condo. I immediately read the book because I was very excited to read it. In fact, while Im still in the taxi, I was browsing through the pages of the book already. There are several things that I like about this book. First, it's not text heavy. It is a very good reading material especially for kids. The pages are big, the illustrations are huge and it contains only one to two sentences per frame. This makes it easier to read. The children will not find it boring and too long to read because of the design of the book.

The illustrations are big and it fully describes the scenario of the story. It also allows the readers to imagine and be creative in interpreting the story. It adds details, color and richness in the story. I dont want to spoil you guys of the content of the book so I wont post a lot pictures from the book. 

What I also like about the book is their amazing incorporation of the text in the illustration. There are pages like the one below where in the text of the story can be read in the illustration. How cool is that right?

So basically the story talked about two sibling. One of them though of an idea about a game that they will play but accidentally lost the idea. They went to different places to search for the lost idea and they ended up in the "Jungle Idea". It's like a place where the lost ideas go. I can relate to the main character because I also easily forget things. I forget a lot of things. This is the very reason why  do not cram in school especially for exams. Because I need a lot of time to familiarize, understand and memorize lessons. I will definitely fail my exam if I study only nights before the exam. I need at least a week to fully understand all of the lessons. I also easily forget things. Like I tend to forget where I put some of my things, I forget the things that I have to do and a lot more. I also tend to forget a lot of things that I want to do so what I do is that if I have an idea in mind, I always write it in my planner or in any piece of paper so I will not forget it. I always do this whenever a research idea comes into my mind. I immediately write it in a paper and keep it and then later on transfer it to my laptop so I will not forget it.

For the main characters in the story, they went to the "Idea Jungle" to search for the lost idea and you will realize at the end of the story that they were successful in looking for the lost idea. They were able to find it. Although Im confused as to what the lost idea is all about. It appears to me that what they found is a little bee/insect holding a piece of paper. Maybe that contains the lost idea. So I actually dont know what the lost idea is. Maybe that's the message the authors wants to leave us. Maybe she wants us to reflect if we have lost ideas in mind, like dreams, things we want to do, persons that we buried in oblivion, experiences and good memories that we already forgot. Maybe she wants us to go to our own "Idea Jungle" and find for those memories and ideas.

Finally, I want to share the message of Ms. Pam Ang to me. "Chase those ideas, Lads". I will definitely chase "those" ideas Ms. Pam. I will. There are lots of them. There are several ideas that I already chased and fulfilled. I will share them all in my next blog post. I enjoyed reading the story. It actually encouraged me to reflect about the ideas that I have followed and the ideas that are yet to be materialized. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hey, a post in English! Thanks, Lads! Please do more of these.

    1. Thank you for reading. I decided to write book reviews in the English language so more people can read and understand it.

  2. NIce, Lads! This reminded of my many ideas and encouraged me to write a more serious blog. Salamat! -Ate Mai :)

    1. Thank you Ate Mai for reading my blog. I was inspired to read and write more. hopefully we can write our own children's story soon. God bless Ate Mai


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