Book Review: I Don't Like to Eat

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Here is another new book from the Adarna House. I decided to buy this book because it is a picture book. And this is my second children's picture book. The first one was Light by Rob Cham. I also like the book because it talks about eating and I love eating. Who doesn't love eating? Hahaha. No, but honestly I love eating although there are several foods that I should not eat. Like fatty and salty foods because I have episodes of elevated blood pressure. But sometimes, I can't help it.

Now I am more conscious with the food that I eat. I always make sure that I eat a lot of vegetable and fruits. I always buy fruits every Sunday. I like apples, banana and oranges. Basically I eat almost everything. I eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. I was actually the opposite of the main character. He does not like to eat. But I do love to eat. Hahaha.

I was blessed because the author and illustrator of this book were in the Adarna Booth of Manila International Book Fair during that time. So I was able to have them sign my copy of their book. I was not able to take a selfie with them. All I have are pictures of them while signing my copy of their book.

The message of the author was very timely because it says "eat well and stay healthy". I was reminded to stay healthy. Because I am a future doctor, I have to stay healthy. We are taught about the concept of health and wellness in the medical school. And as a medical student, we have to be healthy. We should practice what we will preach as a future doctor. Even though life in medical school is so busy, we still have to eat well and stay healthy. There are times that because of busyness, we forget to eat. But we should never miss a meal especially breakfast.

This children's book talks about a child who loves eating junk food. He always avoid eating the "real food". He even hides under the dining table to avoid eating the meal prepared by his mother. He is very satisfied with his junk foods. Little did he know that he is growing and "junk food monster" in his stomach. His stomach grew bigger and the junk food monster came out of his stomach. The monster tried to hurt him. But before the monster hurt him, he realized that he needs to eat the fruits and vegetables in order to defeat the "junk food monster" and so he did. He was able to defeat the monster by eating the right kind of food. 

And the main character started to eat the right kind of food like meat, fruits and vegetables. We don't get a lot of nutrients from the junk foods. Most of the time, eating so much junk food can predispose us to certain diseases like urinary tract infection and kidney problems. This is because junk foods have a very high sodium content. A lot of kids don't want to eat fruits and vegetables. I have cousins who do not like to eat vegetables. They do not eat vegetables at all. Vegetables are great source of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. And our body need these nutrients. This book is amazing because it will help the children realize how important it is to really eat the right kind of food. And to lessen the consumption of junk foods because we do not get a lot of nutrients from these food. Remember, garbage in, garbage out. If you only eat junk food you cannot expect your body to be in a healthy condition.

At the latter part of this picture book, there was a page with his mother carrying a platter of delicious meal. This is my favorite part of the book because it reminded me of my Nanay (mother). Because my mother always cooks food for me. Even though I stay in Manila and my mother is in Bataan province, she still sends me food. I love the food cooked by my mother. There's a secret recipe that gives a distinct flavor to the food she cooks - love. I always enjoy eating the food that she prepared because I know that she made those foods for me. 

I hope the parents can get a copy of this picture book because it will be really helpful for the children because this book will help them realize the importance of fruits and vegetables. And they will also learn that eating too much junk food can harm them. I think the "junk food monster" trying to harm the main character portrays the disease that can harm a child who eats a lot of junk food. And the only thing that can help that child combat disease or nutrient deficiency is eating the right kind and amount of food. I hope you can get a copy of this book. This is also a picture book so it can encourage the children to be creative and imaginative in understanding the story.

I hope parents will start to encourage their children to eat fruits and vegetables. Otherwise they will have to face the horror of the "junk food monster" trying to harm the children who love eating too much junk food. 

Unlike my other book reviews, I did not put a lot of pictures from the book. Because I want you to experience this picture book on your own. It's a good read guys. Especially for the kids who are not fond of eating fruits an vegetables. I hope that at the end of reading this book, the kids will be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables.

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  1. Hi Lads! I enjoyed reading your blog post and thank you for dropping by at the book fair! See you soon and eat healthy! God bless you!

    1. Thanks for reading this blog post. I'm so happy because the author of the book read my blog post. Hahahaha. Waiting for you future picture books! God bless you.

    2. Hi Lads. You may also want to check out my other children's book LALA BURARA available at OMF Literature in Boni Avenue. Great review Lads!

    3. Oh yeah I have a copy of that book. Bought it at OMF booth during the MIBF2015. Although I haven't read it cause I'm still swamped with readings in med school. But I will read it and write a review soon, maybe during APEC week. Thanks!


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