Book Wish List: A Passion for Science by Didith T. Rodrigo

9:58:00 AM

This book was published by The Bookmark, Inc. I saw this book from their stall during the NCDB Children's Book Fair. Their books are centered on Filipino personalities who contributed greatly in their respective fields. They also promote the documentation and dissemination of knowledge and information and the propagation of positive values of the Philippine culture.

This book was about the life of Dr. Lourdes Cruz, a biochemist actively engaged in research on conotoxins. I always remember what Dr. Cruz said, "I always tell my students you have to be better than us otherwise Philippine Science will not improve". I took this as a challenge to be the best physician-scientist and to contribute int he progress of Philippine medical research. Most especially to serve the underserved. This book also talked about the life of Dr. Baldomero Olivera who is a chemist involved in marine drug discovery. 

I hope to buy this book soon. I am also interested in the other books from this publishing company. I need to save money for their books. Although I haven't read this book, I believe that this is a great read for the children. It will be very inspiring for the children to know different Filipinos who excelled in different fields. 

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